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  • betty x Bundly

    betty x Bundly

    Math Instructor and Tutor

    Experience : 10 years

    I am experienced in teaching and tutoring math from grade school thru college level. I encourage questions and interactive learning.

    • clifford Tomb III

      clifford Tomb III

      English, Business & Health & Life Professor/Coach

      Experience : 14 years 3 months

      An American (USA), I am a Masters-plus with two bachelor's in English Literature and Communications. Masters in Health Care Administration and I have completed all of my Doctoral courses in Macroeconomics. I am an Author and I have also taught and professed at the collegiate level for over 12 years. Thank you.

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      About Chicago Education System

      Chicago Public Schools is the third-largest school district in the United States, serving over 330,000 students across a diverse range of educational options, including neighborhood schools, specialized magnet programs, selective enrollment campuses, and innovative public charter schools. The district's curriculum adheres to the rigorous Illinois State Learning Standards, ensuring a comprehensive and challenging academic foundation for all students. Online Tutoring services in Chicago provide personalized academic support tailored to these standards and the local curriculum.

      Why Do You Need a Tutor in Chicago?

      With Chicago Public Schools' extensive curriculum requirements and the state's rigorous learning standards, many students and families seek the support of online tutors to receive personalized academic assistance tailored to their unique learning needs. Online tutoring allows Chicago students to receive one-on-one instruction from subject matter experts, who create customized online lesson plans based on each student's current level and academic goals. Tutors utilize visuals, multimedia resources, and interactive learning tools to foster an engaging virtual classroom experience. They assist with homework, assignments, projects, and test preparation, while also focusing on developing effective study habits and time management strategies. Online tutoring services in Chicago empower students by providing curriculum-aligned support directly tied to Chicago Public Schools' standards and requirements, helping them achieve their full potential.

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