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Logos Learning operates as an independent platform, and its relationship with tutors does not constitute employment. Therefore, Logos Learning cannot respond to any employment verification requests, including, but not limited to, schedule and/or payment confirmations, nor will it act as a reference.

Tutors listed on the Logos Learning platform are responsible for informing third parties seeking employment verification that they are self-employed. Logos Learning does not provide employment verification, and if required, tutors should consult relevant entities, such as banks or companies, that may have their own verification procedures, potentially involving bank statements or tax returns. Logos Learning emphasizes its role as a marketplace for tutor-student connections and makes clear that it does not offer employment or employee-like benefits and, as a result, does not fulfill requests regarding employment verification for listed tutors.

No, as tutors affiliated with Logos Learning operate independently, the company does not issue W2 forms for tax purposes. Instead, tutors will receive a Form 1099 if their earnings amount to $600.00 or more in a calendar year. To obtain a Form 1099, Logos Learning's Finance Team will report the earnings to the IRS, and a PDF version of the 1099 will be accessible in the user's account shortly thereafter. If earnings fall below $600.00 in a calendar year, a Form 1099 will not be supplied, and users can view their earnings totals on the Payout page. For assistance with tax information retrieval, users can contact Logos Learning's Customer Support Team.

The service fee charged by Logos Learning is allocated for the development and maintenance of services aimed at enhancing the student experience, which ultimately results in increased opportunities for tutors. It’s important to highlight that this fee is also applied to lesson cancellations, acting as an $8 service fee.

Logos Learning respects the autonomy of its tutors listed on the platform, and as a result, the company does not have the authority to modify the lesson or cancellation fees set by the tutors. If a student has concerns about the fees charged by a tutor, the appropriate course of action is to directly communicate with the tutor to discuss the matter.

Logos Learning exclusively facilitates payments to teachers through direct deposit. We do not support payments via check. During the registration process for tutor sign-up, all tutors are required to provide their direct deposit details to enable payment deposits.

Certainly! Logos Learning does provide tutoring services for home-schooled students. The platform boasts a pool of experienced educators who specialize in supporting home-schooled students.

No, according to the Logos Learning Academic Honesty Policy, tutors are explicitly prohibited from assisting students in taking exams or writing their papers. Tutors on the Logos Learning platform are expected to refrain from engaging in any activities that might violate the academic honesty policy, including completing assignments or exams on behalf of students. Their primary role is to provide guidance, support and explanations to help students understand the subject matter and improve their academic skills, but they must not complete any work for the students.

If a student is late for a session and arrives within the first 10 minutes of the scheduled session, the session will proceed but will still end as originally scheduled. For example, if a 1-hour session is scheduled and the student is 10 minutes late, the session will still conclude after 1 hour. The lost 10 minutes will not be added to the session’s duration.

No, Logos Learning does not provide any medical benefits or retirement plans, such as 401k contributions or pensions, to its tutors. Tutors are considered independent contractors and are responsible for managing their own medical insurance, taxes and retirement savings.

No, tutors on the Logos Learning platform are not entitled to traditional employment benefits, including paid time off, sick leave, or maternity/paternity leave. Tutors are responsible for independently managing their schedules and workload.

The responsibility for the fee associated with ordering a background check lies with the party requesting the check, whether it be a student, parent, or tutor. The fee amount is $20. Additionally, tutors have the option to independently initiate their own background checks at their own expense, should they choose to do so. This ensures that those who wish to undergo a background check have the flexibility to arrange and cover the cost of the process themselves.

No. All payments must go through Logoslearning.com

If your teacher requests payment via cash or check, it is important to note that this goes against their contractual agreement. We kindly advise you to decline such a request and promptly inform us of the situation by sending an email to [email protected]. Your feedback is valuable to us, and we will take the necessary steps to address the matter appropriately.

In the event that the tutor is unable to attend the meeting, you have the option to either request a refund for the session or reschedule it.

No, Logos Learning only allows tutors residing within the USA to be listed on the platform.

If a student is initiating the background check, navigate to the tutor’s profile page and click on the “Background Check” tab on the top right. Follow the prompts to make the payment. If a tutor wishes to undergo a background check, they can access the “Background Check” tab in the tutor dashboard and proceed with the payment.

  1. Conduct a comprehensive background check:

      Arrange a background check for potential tutors. Utilise professional background check services, which typically cost around $20. A complete check includes:

    • Social Security number trace
    • Screening for felonies
    • Screening for sex crimes
    • Specific misdemeanor checks
    • This thorough approach helps protect your safety and maintain a secure learning environment.

  2. Meet in public places for In-person tutoring:
    • When meeting a tutor in person, choose public locations such as libraries, coffee shops, or community centers.
    • Public spaces offer safety through visibility and the presence of other people.
  3. Have an adult present:
    • When you or your child is receiving tutoring, consider having an adult present during sessions, especially for minors. This provides an additional layer of security and ensures a safe learning environment.
  4. Avoid sharing personal information:
    • Refrain from sharing personal information like your home address, phone number, or financial details with the tutor.
    • Maintain privacy and only share the necessary information for scheduling and conducting tutoring sessions.
  5. Check references and qualifications:
    • Verify the tutor’s qualifications and ask for references from previous students or clients.
    • Contact these references to gather insights into the tutor's professionalism and teaching abilities.

Payments are processed weekly. Additionally, if Logos Learning overpays you, you acknowledge the obligation to promptly reimburse the excess amount.