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  • astrid Herrera

    astrid Herrera


    Spanish / English Tutor

    Experience : 4 years

    ¡Hola! Looking for a passionate Spanish tutor who's a native speaker, deeply immersed in the culture, and fluent in English? Look no further! With years of experience tutoring kids, teens, and adults since 2020, I'm here to make learning Spanish fun and engaging for you. Let's embark on this language journey together - ¡Vamos!

    • wilkenson Boucard

      wilkenson Boucard

      Language Teacher

      Experience : 20 years

      I am currently teaching science at middle school level but also have experience teaching languages like Spanish and French. I have been in the education industry for over 20 years now.

      • reinier Blanco Crespo

        reinier Blanco Crespo

        Engineer and Proffesor

        Experience : 5 years

        I am Latin American, native Spanish speaker, engineer and with experience in teaching at various levels. If you are looking for someone to help you improve your fluency and use of the language, do not hesitate to count on my advice from a practical point of view and with everyday situations and a lot of context. I have been a teacher for over 5 years, and I offer an approach that focuses on context and appropriate form of communication. Added to this, Spanish grammar and skills in listening and understanding. starting progressively from the simplest and most similar to English, to the complexities of the Spanish language.

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        Learning a new language requires consistent practice across all areas. An online Spanish tutor provides structured, personalized guidance to rapidly build your skills. The tutors specialize in customized language instruction tailored to your goals and current proficiency level. They'll quickly identify the grammar concepts, vocabulary, or skills you need to focus on, then design an immersive online tutoring plan incorporating relevant activities and continuous feedback. With the tutor's coaching, you'll make rapid progress in developing strong reading, writing, listening, and speaking abilities in Spanish.

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