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The Best Tutors for Elementary Grammar

  • ell Miller

    ell Miller


    English/Writing Tutor with Years of Experience!

    Experience : 10 years

    I have 10 years of tutoring experience and 3 years of actively working I'm schools. I am currently on track to get my degree in English Education. With that being said I am up to date on teaching methods and have an arsenal of tools at my disposable to help students reach their goals!

    • keri Smith

      keri Smith


      English, Math and Social Studies Tutor

      Experience : 5 years

      I have been working in the school district for 5 years. I have been a tutor for a few months. I have an Associate's Degree in Liberal Arts and working on my Bachelor's in English. I love teaching students because I meet them where they are to walk with them to where they need to be. I am patient and love teaching elementary and middle school aged students everything from English and Reading to Math and Social Studies. I am eager to help your student succeed

      • jacob Allison

        jacob Allison

        Allison Farm

        Experience : 4 years 3 months

        My name is Jacob. I am a former volunteer firefighter. I have decided to become a tutor to help those in need. I personally have gone through the struggles of learning disabilities throughout school. With that being said, it is my interest to return the favor.

        • sabrina Leonard

          sabrina Leonard

          Elementary Tutor

          Experience : 5 years

          Hi!!! I am Sabrina Leonard and am looking forward to working with you! I have a background in Criminal Justice along with a Bachelor's and Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice. During this time, I was enrolled as a non-traditional student who really could have used the assistance of a tutor; however, these services were not available. We all need assistance, but costs can sometimes be a deterrent or strong barrier to educational advancement. Twenty-two years of my life was spent fostering children in care and I enjoyed it. I am a certified ADHD Parent Coach for Calm & Connected, a facilitator for Darkness to Light bringing awareness to child sexual abuse prevention, and am currently a substitute teacher. I am also a certified parent instructor and NO, I don't know all the answers!! No one does! Thank you for allowing me to aid you on this educational journey! I love learning new things and feel this will definitely be my opportunity to do so!

          • j caryn Lehr

            j caryn Lehr

            Elementary Education Tutor

            Experience : 5 years

            I'm a dedicated tutor with over 5 years of experience helping students achieve their academic goals. I have also been an elementary school teacher since 2021. I specialize in Language Arts, Math, and Writing. I am also very familiar with elementary science and social studies. I am committed to providing personalized support to cater to each student's unique learning style. My teaching approach is interactive and engaging, focusing on building a strong foundation of knowledge while instilling confidence in my students. I believe that fostering a positive and encouraging learning environment is key to unlocking each student's full potential. Whether your child needs help with homework, exam preparation, or simply wants to deepen their understanding of a subject, I am here to help. I have a proven track record of success, with many of my students showing significant improvement in their grades and overall academic performance. Let's work together to turn challenges into opportunities for growth and learning.

            • brynn Tozer

              brynn Tozer

              Reading Teacher

              Experience : 10 years

              I am excited to help you learn and grow as a person and student! I have always thrived in my career as someone who cares and inspires for students to achieve individual growth and in their own unique way. I feel like students learn in a variety of ways and are not built for boring, lecture type environments. I hope you decide that I am a good, fun, safe fit for your learning needs! I enjoy time with my own kiddos, teaching and crafting, creating new things through painting, photography, and anything that has to do with animals! Please set up a time with me to do an introduction lesson and see if we can continue! My lessons always start with a brief conversation to get an idea on their day and any background they may have about what we will learn and then we get into our lesson. Lessons are student led and engaging while providing interactive opportunities to retain what has been learned. I have a proven growth record in Texas school districts as we are required in a part of our evaluation to show growth. 87% of my students have shown more than a years worth of growth.

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              Develop a strong grammar foundation through personalized, one-on-one online tutoring for elementary students from qualified instructors at Logos Learning. Young students will work individually with an experienced grammar tutor who excels at teaching grammar rules and concepts using engaging, simple methods at the student's pace. Tutors will provide targeted practice exercises to build skills in areas like sentence construction, parts of speech, punctuation, and more. With the tutor's supportive coaching incorporating visuals and fun activities, students will gain solid mastery over these crucial grammar fundamentals to become effective communicators.

              Why Do You Need an Elementary Grammar Tutor?

              Proper grammar forms the bedrock for reading, writing, and communication abilities. Receiving personalized grammar tutoring from an early age ensures no gaps in this critical foundation. The tutors are skilled at evaluating each student's current grammar proficiency, and then designing an engaging, customized curriculum focusing on the specific areas that need reinforcement through additional practice using relatable examples and activities tailored to the student's learning level. With the tutor's supportive guidance, young students develop a strong intuitive grasp of grammar.

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