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  • cara Bruder

    cara Bruder

    Dyslexia Therapist

    Experience : 11 years

    I am an educator certified in EC-6th grade, Special Education and ESL. I have a masters in reading and academic language therapy. I am a Certified Academic Language Therapist and a Licensed Dyslexia Therapist.

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    About Dallas Education System

    The Dallas Independent School District, the second-largest public school system in Texas, serves a diverse student population across a variety of school models, including neighborhood, magnet, charter, and transformation campuses. The district's curriculum follows the rigorous Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) standards, providing a comprehensive foundation for student learning and achievement. Online Tutoring services in Dallas offer personalized academic support tailored to this challenging curriculum.

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    Online tutors in Dallas provide targeted academic reinforcement and personalized instruction aligned with the district's curriculum and the state's TEKS standards. By working one-on-one with expert tutors, students in Dallas can receive the individualized support they need to master key concepts, reinforce classroom learning, and achieve their full potential. Online tutoring offers a flexible and engaging learning environment, allowing students to receive tailored lessons at their convenience. Tutors assist with homework assignments, projects, and test preparation while fostering strong study skills and time management strategies. Online Tutoring services in Dallas empower students by supplementing their classroom education with customized, curriculum-aligned support.

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